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Commissioning Priorities 2014-16

Following a successful first year, NHS Sheffield CCG is now looking at plans for 2014-16. We started looking at this in August and initially asked members of the public, staff and clinicians in the city what they thought we should concentrate on for 2014 onwards.

We have now set ourselves some ambitious aims for the next 5 years. They are:

  • All those who are most likely to need urgent hospital care in the next year to be offered a care plan, agreed between them and their doctors, to help them to stay well  (possibly 15,000 people)
  • To achieve a 20% reduction in emergency admissions and a 40% reduction in Accident and Emergency attendances by integrating health and social care services to support people to live independently
  • Bring specialised health services closer to peoples home by changing how and where they can be accessed, which will mean less travel to the hospital
  • Reduce the gap in life expectancy for people with mental health problems and learning disabilities 
  • Put in place support and services that will help all children have the best possible start in life

In order to achieve those aims, we are considering concentrating on four big projects. They are:

  • Develop ways for health and social care teams to work in a more integrated way to support patients to plan their care so it is right for them
  • Offer a range of options for patients in need of health care urgently, outside the traditional settings
  • Work with consultants, patients and other professionals  to transform outpatient services
  • Commission services that are based on positive outcomes for patients who live with bone and muscular conditions

These ambitions will be delivered through the existing commissioning teams – who focus on:

  • Long Term Conditions, Older people, Cancer and End of Life Care
  • Acute Care
  • Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Dementia
  • Children, Young People and Maternity

Please click on this link to take you to more details about the specific plans

These plans are set against a backdrop of the Call To Action national debate which is encouraging people to consider how the NHS, as we start our 66th year, should adapt to ensure that we best meet the changing world and, most importantly, looks after patient’s safely and effectively. Click here to give your opinion on the Call to Action.

We would now like to offer the opportunity again for public and clinicians to give their thoughts on these local projects and whether having a focus on these projects is the right approach.

We would like to ask the following questions:

1. Do you agree that our aims and the four projects we have identified should be priorities for us (please state why)

2. Is there anything about focusing on these projects that concerns you?

3. By ensuring everyone who needs one is offered a care plan, reducing emergency admissions and attendances, improving life expectancy, supporting children to have the best start in life and bringing more hospital services closer to home, we are aiming to make life better for people in Sheffield.    

a) Do you feel the scale of these plans are too ambitious, about right or not ambitious enough? Please share your thoughts

b) What will these changes mean for you?

Thank you for your time.



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