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Improving treatment and care

Improving treatment and care

We will work to maintain and improve waiting times for cancer treatment, redesigning pathways where needed.

Work to improve cancer waiting times is identified as a priority and ongoing.  Sheffield Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust cares for people from across all of South Yorkshire and hence work has already been initiated with neighbouring areas to improve shared care pathways and the timeliness of referral for specialist cancer treatment.  In Sheffield work to improve and where necessary redesign pathways will be directed by an improvement plan.  

We will ensure there is a focus on patient experience.

Ensuring that patient experience is on par with clinical effectiveness is a key priority set out in the National Cancer Strategy.  Locally we know that we perform well in the Cancer Patient Experience Survey and we act on its feedback.  We will continue to do this in 2016/17.  Where pathways are redesigned as directed by our improvement plans we will ensure that work is undertaken to understand as best we can the current patient experience and where possible in future look to build in patient reported outcome measures.


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